20 Free Online Schooling Resources Amidst School Closures

There’s a LOT going on in the world right now. With the threat of COV-19 causing school closures in the United States and Europe, as well as the extended March Break announcement for public schools in Ontario, it’s leaving a lot of non-homeschooling parents scratching their heads on how to educate their children amidst this waiting period.

I homeschool all three of my children, so the biggest distress for them is that they don’t get an extra week off like the rest of their friends. I understand this is a huge issue for many parents who have full time jobs, or others who want their kids to continue schooling. The good news is, there is an app or a website for that, and some companies have been extremely generous by offering complimentary access during this time.

We use many online resources, and some of these programs have actually released special FREE access offers because of Corona, in an effort to help parents and teachers continuing the education of children amidst this waiting period. Karma yoga is the act of providing service, and this is compilation is my contribution for the day. Hoping to provide more resources in the coming days as we all get through this rough patch on a global scale.

This website offers a massive list of various Montessori school offerings, free downloads, other websites, and various subjects.

Many schools in countries around the world have had to close temporarily due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Recognizing the enormous impact this situation has on a school community, we are offering free, unlimited use of BrainPOP to any school, anywhere, that is closed due to the coronavirus during the period of their closure.

Consider using BrainPOP’s animated movies, assessment resources, and creative tools for: Distance learning, support for projects and homework and keeping students on track with their studies”

This is great for little ones! Learn and bond with your 0-6 year old while following and interacting with an expert instructor. The site offers Baby and Me Yoga, Yoga Adventure, interactive storytime, family cooking, sing-alongs, and more. Use code homefun1 for free access.

PebbleGo is a curricular content hub specifically designed for K-3 students. Packed with informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy supports for students of all abilities, it boosts engagement and fosters independent learning in core subject areas. Link provides free access

“To help all these teachers during school closures, we at Mystery Science just finished going through all our lessons, pulling the easiest ones to do from home, and putting them all up for free on a page to make it easy. No signup required, no student login—we just want to help.”

MusicFirst Classroom is the only comprehensive learning management system (LMS) for K-12 music education. We are offering MusicFirst Classroom and the full suite of integrated software for free to any school during a closure.

A game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment.

Explore over 7,000 free videos in 13 subject areas.You can create a free account and create customized playlists too.

Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. has resources for both middle and high school, through AP level.

Access Kids Discover’s award-winning library of science and social studies material on any device, at any time, for one low price. To help alleviate the burden schools face when closing, we have decided to offer schools and school districts special access to Kids Discover Online through the end of June, 2020.

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA is an international programme that helps you develop digital, enterprise and employability skills for free.

Gynzy is the all-in-one educational software that combines standards-aligned lessons, bite-sized games & activities, and class management tools to unlock the potential of your Interactive Whiteboard. (Teacher Subscription is free).

Free online access to iCompute’s Learn Programming and Computational Thinking resources. Designed for independent work, pupils can work through activities and exercises online at home.

The Dyslexia-Academy is an online dyslexia school of support for Parents, Teachers and Pupils. The Academy was set up by Katie Nelson and her passionate experienced team of Neurodiversity Specialists at the Dyslexia Centre North West.

Delta Math is a free website for teachers and students covering a wide range of math content from middle school through AP Calculus.


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