Open your world…

Life is meant to be lived joyously. We invite you to come back to self and find the support of your community through the simple things. Retreat, don’t hide.

Nadia is the modern traditionalist, committed to sharing passions and sensory experiences while educating through rooted wisdom.

Her programs and workshops weave yoga, pranayama, artful expression, self development exercises, and adventure, to provide a thoughtful and authentic life changing experience.

About Nadia


Return to tradition, your breath, the essence of your soul. Embrace the simplistic perfection that surrounds us.


Restore your faith in humanity, honesty, and integrity. And then again through healing movement and inner contemplation.


Reignite your passion, practice and purpose. Everything you need is inside you. Light it up.

Your Teacher

Nadia Carriere


Attentive to detail and leading with intuition, Nadia is a truth seeker in every sense. Her steadfast curiosity and ambition continuously push the envelope, opening doors to new ideas.

As an educator, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, sound healing practitioner, and pre/post natal doula, Nadia leads and serves with spirit, fire and intent, which attributes to a teaching style that is both uplifting and powerful. She is the founder of the Universal School of Yoga, and Uniting Movement.

Her association with yoga began at birth having been raised in a Vedic household. She is extremely passionate about education, personal growth, and discovering the world. Working in the tourism industry for over 20 years, and her experience as a travel writer and yoga retreat leader has given Nadia a deep respect for culture and a dedication to sharing  moments of depth and meaning. 

Nadia has been leading yoga and business/professional retreats for over 8 years. Her yoga career and travels have taken her through Europe, Asia, Central America, Canada and the United States. 

As a writer, and social media strategist, Nadia’s work has been featured in publications such as PEOPLE, Huffington Post, TripAdvisor as well as various Disney online publications. 

Nadia currently resides in Ontario, Canada with her husband and three children.


The unsure anxiety driven woman who walked into her first retreat was not the same woman 12 hours later when she left. The metamorphosis was unbelievable. Every woman was there to experience their own journey and yet, at the same time, cared very much for mine … The energy was electric and the flow of our bodies moving as one brought us all together. One Sisterhood. One Tribe.

Nadia Carriere, is hands down one of the most top notch teachers I have trained with. She has integrity and she has walked the path by growing up in a vedic family. She has a deep understanding of the human body/mind and spirit and how yoga incorporates all 3!